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The MacEnterprise mailing list provides an open and friendly technical exchange of information about enterprise deployment, integration and maintenance of Macs.

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Please help foster friendly and helpful discussions by following these guidelines:
  • Give thoughtful consideration before posting. Heated debates will occur at times; please take a moment to reflect before posting an emotional response. When in doubt, remember it's okay to attack ideas, but NOT attack people presenting them.
  • Keep a professional tone. Gratuitous swearing or personal criticizing or belittlement are not appropriate.
  • Don't "hijack" a thread. Start a new thread if the topic is not already being discussed. DO NOT reply to an old message topic and replace the subject and/or message body.
  • Research your question before posting. Try searching the archives, internet, Apple support services, manuals or man pages for solutions to your questions.
  • Avoid simple "Me too" or "I agree" posts containing no contribution to the thread.
  • No blatant commercial advertising. Discussions of products used, or job openings available at your place of work are fine. Please prefix the subject with an [ANN] to notify participants of the list that this is an announcement.
We reserve the right to:
  • Close threads that have strayed from the original topic.
  • Close threads that are not within the spirit or purpose of the MacEnterprise list.
  • Suspend the posting privileges of anyone who strays too far from the guidelines.
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