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Fixing Adobe SelfHeal.xml problems

posted Dec 22, 2008, 7:23 AM by Philip Rinehart   [ updated Dec 22, 2008, 7:23 AM by Greg Neagle ]
Written by MacEnterprise   
Monday, 12 March 2007
One of the most common problems when deploying Adobe applications is the ability to "Self-Heal" a broken application.  In particular, this feature can severely impact Enterprise deployments.  Read on for how to fix this in a general way.
  1. Install Microsoft Office
  2. Install each Adobe application as required in your deployment scenario
  3. Search in each Application bundle for a file containing the string SelfHeal.xml
  4. In each file, search for the following snippet:

  5. Change it to the following for each occurrence (there may be more than one)

  6. Do this for each SelfHeal file, for each Adobe application.