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Special offer from TestPlant

posted May 22, 2009, 11:57 AM by Greg Neagle
On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, a team of John McIntosh (account manager) and Allen Fisher (SE) from TestPlant, and Patrick McNeal of MIT presented eggPlant — the automation and test tool available for Mac OS X and Linux — during a MacEnterprise webcast. Over 100 people joined the event live which lasted for about an hour.

Comments from  the session...

   “A very clever and almost infinitely flexible approach”

   “Eggplant has turned our testing department from reactive to proactive.”

Webcast participants saw potential uses such as...

• automating testing of intranet services across browsers and platforms
• doing pre-deployment testing of images — potentially integrating into a InstaDMG or similar workflow

So now, the offer:

TestPlant is offering the MacEnterprise community as a whole a volume licensing deal for eggPlant, their automated user experience testing tool.

• Up to 95% discount (from annual license list price of $4950) available
• Multi-year deals available on same terms
• Up to three annual licenses can be bought by each MacEnterprise member
• The price includes support and on-line training

Interested parties must complete a “letter of intent”. TestPlant will announce the community price after these letters are received and will then allow orders to be placed at that exclusive price. The more MacEnterprise participation, the greater the discount.

Please visit for official detail offers.

The eggPlant webcast will be posted when it becomes available in about three weeks. Until then, you can view slides from Patrick McNeal's Macworld 2009 presentation on eggPlant here:

Thanks to TestPlant for making this offer available to the MacEnterprise community.