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Enterprise Backup Solutions Whitepaper

posted Mar 3, 2009, 9:05 AM by Greg Neagle
The sixth edition of "Apple Enterprise Backup Solutions" by Michael Dhaliwal is now currently available.  With storage solutions for the platform increasing in size and speed and as storage needs continue to grow in every type of environment, finding the proper data solution for you is becoming more and more important.  If you have Mac OS X Servers in your environment, you'll want to read on to be sure all of your data is safe.  Even if you don't have OS X in your environment, you may find many of the topics, tips, techniques and tools discussed in this article of use to you.  

This paper will help guide you through topics such as media rotations, data consolidation, ILM and the like.  The update includes minor updates throughout, but also a major update regarding the brand new Backup2Go addition to the PresSTORE 3 software solution, as well as information regarding Atempo's Digital Archive integration with Final Cut Server.
You can find the article at the District13 Computing website, at