About Us

As of September 24th, 2008 MacEnterprise.org officially became MacEnterprise Inc.
We have formally incorporated as a nonprofit organization in an effort to provide a better service to the community in support
of the Macintosh platform.
We've also received 501c(3) exemption from the IRS, so all donations made to MacEnterprise are now tax deductible.
Check the attachments for our bylaws and exemption letter.

Our current Board of Directors are as follows


Philip Rinehart - President
Andrina Kelly - Vice President
Nigel Kersten - Secretary
Randy Saeks - Treasurer

Directors at Large

Patrick McNeal
Greg Neagle
Peter Bukowinski
Michael Perbix
John C. Welch
Lance Ogletree

Questions regarding MacEnterprise Inc. may be sent to info@macenterprise.org
Our bylaws can be downloaded from the attachment.

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